Recipe Request Part 1, Israeli Cabbage Slaw

My favorite falafel place (Mama's Falafel in Center City Philadelphia) serves the most incredible falafel sandwich, with freshly made falafel, hummus, tahini, and various salads. One of those salads is a cabbage slaw that has cilantro in it . . . its not really creamy, mostly cabbage and flavor. Any ideas? I used to work around the corner and I really miss getting lunch there!



Slow C. April 6, 2011
The possibilities are endless. I say give them a call and see if they will share their secret, then let us know--sounds so good!
Sam1148 April 6, 2011
I would guess. A dressing of base of lemon and olive oil. A touch of cumin, salt, red onion.
and maybe a hint of tahini in the dressing mix as a binder. (and some finely chopped mint or basil along with the cilantro).
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