Craving a egg salad sandwich with kimchi

Thinking of making an egg salad (with Kewpie mayo) and adding some chopped cabbage kimchi. Has anyone tried this? Thoughts? No I'm not preggo, just one of those cravings on a Friday morning :)



Nancy April 3, 2022
Sounds like a great combination!
BTW, looked it up and there are plenty of recipes out there for this combination - basic and variations.
AntoniaJames April 1, 2022
That sounds terrific! I can't eat kimchi because the chilies don't like me, but I often put homemade sauerkraut, finely chopped, in egg salad. It's so darn good. I never use Kewpie mayo (have never even bought it) . . . . . maybe it's time!
Stephanie G. April 1, 2022
I say go for it. I love a kimchi omelet, so I bet it might work!
702551 April 1, 2022
It should be tasty!

Eggs pair well with pickled vegetables. The classic remoulade sauce is mayonnaise based (thus eggs) and made with chopped pickles, capers, herbs, sometimes mustard, and more.

Lemon juice is often added to egg salad to brighten the flavors and I'm sure some kimchi juice will make a fine substitution due to the lactic acid from the fermentation. It will work well with the higher sugar and umami in the kewpie mayo. Kimchi often has some umami itself if made with fish sauce or some sort of dried fish/shrimp.
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