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Can I make my own half-and-half with Bailey's and milk? Would it be insane to make a peanut butter frosting with this?

I came across a peanut butter frosting the other day that calls for half and half; however, I don't have any lying around and was thinking that this could be a fun use for my leftover bailey's (sorry Patrick, but we still have some leftovers). I would imagine that equal parts milk and equal parts Bailey's should work, but I am not entirely sure. if you're interested in trying this out with me, I am basing this concoction off of a recipe on "Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice" that calls for 4 T half/half, 3/4 C PB, 1 C powdered sugar, 1/4 t vanilla extract, and a dash of cinnamon.


asked by KosherInDetroit almost 6 years ago
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added almost 6 years ago

It sounds both feasible and tasty to me. I would definitely give it a try if the ingredients are calling out to you, and post the recipe if it works out!

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added almost 6 years ago

I'd swap out the 1/2 & 1/2 for the Bailey's and leave out the milk and vanilla completely; OR, just use the milk (this time with the vanilla), adding it a tablespoon at a time until I got it to a nice, spreadable consistency.

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added almost 6 years ago

I agree, I'd do all Bailey's - it seems like it's already pretty much a half & half consistency and milk would water it down. I also think that if you're going to go a booze-y route, you want it to taste like it. Otherwise you might end up with different subtle tastes that don't make it seem like you MEANT to use it,