Is my banana bread cake cooked?

So I baked a banana bread cake that was a failure, the thing is I cooked it on the stove not in the oven but the edges are cooked and brown from top and in the back but the inside is unknown, i don’t know if it’s cooked at least a bit and is edible or not, I tasted it and taste wise, it was sweet n fine but I’m worried I might get food poising if it was undercooked. I just can’t tell.. I hope I get some relieving answer :(

  • Posted by: Nina
  • May 10, 2020
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Nancy May 11, 2020
I don't know it it's done or safe.
If you had a recipe, did you follow its directions on cooking time or doneness?
If not, and you really fear its not cooked and has been at room temp 3 hr of more, discard.
If you semi former its underdone and has been refrigerated, pop in/on other source if heat until you're sure middle is cooked.
Nancy May 11, 2020
Should read: if at room temp uncooked TWO hours or more, discard
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