I may have eaten a "leaking" egg. How concerned should I be?

I went to cook my daily scrambled eggs in the microwave and noticed one of the two eggs I had was coated in what I'm assuming was leakage from an egg. It appears that it had pooled in the bottom of that spot in the plastic carton. However, upon inspecting it, I couldn't detect a crack, so I'm not 100% sure the leakage came from that egg.

I decided to do the smell test after cracking it: everything checked out there -- no funky smell. The only thing I noticed was that there appeared to be a "film" in the egg after I cracked it and emptied it into the bowl. I'm assuming this was membrane?

The eggs tasted fine - no different than normal. However, my paranoia has set in after realizing that I probably should have tossed them.

I know this is a wait-and-see situation, but what do you think the risk is for contracting salmonella poisoning?

  • Posted by: Robert
  • April 20, 2018


Emmie April 20, 2018
You'll almost certainly be fine. I see films on eggs occasionally; it doesn't necessarily mean the egg was damaged. If the eggs were refrigerated, and you couldn't find a crack anyway, it's extremely unlikely bacteria were able to grow to harmful levels.
Emmie April 20, 2018
Of course, I'm not a doctor and this isn't medical advice! But I just ate hummus that tasted off (~2-3 weeks after opening) and I'm sure it'll be fine--our immune systems evolved to deal with much worse than a cracked egg or some spoiled hummus!
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