Fun ways to make your cooking more social??

Throughout quarantine I’ve found myself making a lot more phone calls to catch up with friends while I’m cooking… I think because I’m seeing people less. Has anyone else found fun ways to make their cooking more social, especially since we can't really host dinner parties this summer?



HalfPint July 10, 2020
FaceTime is fun, though there were technical difficulties with more than 2 people (we could see the 3rd friend). But it was still a lot of fun to catchup.
sokosloth August 6, 2020
@HalfPint I ended up doing this and we had a blast!! Thanks for the recommendation. We actually used a website called Stir Fry and didn't have any technical difficulties so I wanted to share it with you in case it was of interest :)
trad-knife July 7, 2020
1. Skype dinners - Everyone can just make their own dinners together and chat. Maybe a few friends can even sit and enjoy some wine or tea and just keep you company in the kitchen. Facebook has a great video option, it doesn't have to be Skype!

2. Outdoor picnics - It's much easier to social distance outside. Grilling together or preparing your own picnics and sitting on blankets a few feet apart might make everyone feel more safe. Plus there's the added benefit of face to face communication. Technology can be frustrating at times. If your friends are comfortable enough, you could even swap sealed to go containers for them to enjoy at home!
sokosloth July 8, 2020
Love it!! Thank you :)
sokosloth August 6, 2020
@trad-knife, I've ended up doing a few skype dinners and wanted to thank you for recommending it :) We found a a website that makes its super easy to do virtual cook-alongs, you should check them out if you're still doing them too!
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