Weight measure of ingredients?

Would it be possible to include weight measures for the ingredients along with the volume measurements? The consistency of my bakes has improved enormously after changing over to this method. Now, for US recipes, I have to use a conversion chart before I bake from a US recipe and it’s a bit frustrating. Thanks for considering it!

Kathy Gilbert
Kindred's Milk Bread
Recipe question for: Kindred's Milk Bread


HalfPint July 13, 2020
Someone did convert much of the recipe to metric: http://eckitchensg.com/2016/07/addictive-milk-bread/

Might be a good starting point.
Gammy July 10, 2020
I have seen many recipes for Kindred's Milk Bread, all identical and all using volume measurements. I have made this bread many times and it is pretty forgiving (and oh so delicious). Give it a try with the US volume measurements, you'll be happy you did!.
AntoniaJames July 10, 2020
Using on a conversion chart is also unreliable, as a cup of flour as measured by the person who created the recipe could weigh anywhere from 120g to 140+g. (I actually did a quick search a few years ago of Food52 recipes that included mass measures and found the range to be from 122 to 150 grams, if I'm not mistaken.) ;o)
Nancy July 12, 2020
Very interesting, AJ.
Wonder how you bake or cook from all the various weights for 1c flour.
Do you follow the author one time, and adjust if needed?
Use a standard measure?
Kathy G. July 12, 2020
Actually, this is why I find the use of volume measures for dry ingredients so frustrating. The author might have packed the flour more than I might or the other way around. I’m not sure how accurately we match. If I use a US recipe, I generally convert using the KAF ingredient conversion charts and hope for the best. You should see the margins of my cookbooks! But it’s worth the effort because my baking has become more consistent in quality and I (and my family) really like that.

Some sources will give both (the NYT food section, for example, often gives weight and volume), which I love! I just wish more would.
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