Heat of Tangzhong killing yeast?

So my yeast isn't dead as I can proof it in warm water. The question is since the tangzhong is so hot.. how long should we allow it to cool to keep it from killing the yeast?

Kindred's Milk Bread
Recipe question for: Kindred's Milk Bread


drbabs October 25, 2021
In this recipe https://food52.com/recipes/30962-hokkaido-milk-bread you let the tangzhong cool to room temperature before adding to the rest of the ingredients.
HalfPint October 25, 2021
Agree. Every tangzhong recipe I've ever used requires it to be cooled down before adding to the rest of the dough ingredients.
Happygoin October 24, 2021
It has to be no warmer than your water would normally be to proof your yeast.

I normally let come to what I perceive to be lukewarm. The remaining (warm) liquid in the recipe will be enough to bring it to temperature if it’s too cool.
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