how do you store the rest of the sour dough loaf to keep it fresh

we just made it today and it is fabulous, but we couldn't eat whole loaf

  • Posted by: young
  • July 16, 2020
No-Knead Sourdough Bread
Recipe question for: No-Knead Sourdough Bread


HalfPint July 17, 2020
I slice all homemade bread and freeze it, in freezer bags or well wrapped in aluminum foil. Whenever I want to eat bread, I take a few slices out and toast it. No need to thaw.

If you don't want to slice up the bread and want to eat later, wrap well or put into freezer bag. Then bake in a low oven, ~300-325F, before serving. No need to thaw.
HalfPint July 17, 2020
Forgot to add,

Freeze whatever you don't eat by the end of the day that it has been baked. Homemade bread will go stale within Day 1 since it does not have any preservatives or stabilizers.
Mr. G. July 18, 2020
The great thing about sourdough is that it keeps longer than other breads. That’s why it was so popular on the frontier. Any of theses methods will work fine.

1. Store it on the counter cut side down.

2. Wrap in a dish towel.

3. Store it in a breadbox.

4. Keep it in a ziplock bag (but the crust will become soft).
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