Is it normal for the dough to rise in the fridge?

Hello, my dough doubled in size in the refrigerator, is that normal? I followed the standard recipe (no add ins or subs) and let it rise on the counter for 4 hours before punching down and refrigerating. This morning (12 hours later), I went to pull the dough out and it had risen again....I was under the impression when the dough is in the fridge, it should stay same size. Any thoughts on why this occurred?

I am still going to bake it, because I already made it this far :)

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Lori T. July 27, 2020
Yes, dough will continue to rise in the refrigerator. The yeast may be slowed down, but reproduction hasn't stopped completely. It's also had time to create more gluten strands, which is why you don't have to knead this particular dough. Long cool rises, as in a refrigerator also help improve flavor. It may also be the location where it rested in the refrigerator isn't quite as cool as you think, or it took a bit longer for the dough to chill enough to really slow down the yeast for a while. It doesn't matter, really. You would still remove the part you want to bake, shape, allow a rise and then bake.
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