Anyone else looking for fun ways to make your cooking more social??

I posted about this a few weeks ago but I've been looking for fun ways to make my cooking more social... I've found myself making a lot more phone calls while cooking to catch up with friends, I think because I'm seeing people less.

Anyway I did this thing called a Stir Fry where you cook-along to a recipe with friends in a video call! Everyone had a blast and it was super easy. Would recommend it! Their website is:



Nancy August 6, 2020
For me, social types of cooking break roughly into three types, with the last maybe useful to you in this time if isolation.
• Usual solo, a kind of meditative craftsmanship as I work through a dish, assembling ingredients, prep, cook, taste, finish.
• Impromptu social, when making a just-ready-to-eat item, like pancakes or deep fried things.
• Planned sicualbir group effort...usually of fussy small things (Pasta shaped or filled, cookies, etc,), sometimes needing assembly line work. The cooking session itself becomes a party.
Building on type could have a Zoom party to make different versions of the same thing in quantitie, pasta or cookies with various fillings. Talk, advise, joke as you cook. Then deliver packages to each other of your productions.
Nancy August 6, 2020
Should read: planned social or group effort
sokosloth August 6, 2020
@Nancy that is what we ended up doing on Stir Fry! You should check it out. I totally agree this is how my social cooking breaks down too.
This is their website:
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