Ingredient, what exactly is Red chili powder

Is red chili powder in this cucumber salad recipe the same as chili powder? Or is it the same as cayenne pepper?

Pamela Cuneo
Simple Korean Cucumber Salad
Recipe question for: Simple Korean Cucumber Salad


Lori T. August 7, 2020
The Korean version is made simply of ground red Korean chili peppers- and for this recipe you'd want the sort more finely ground than flakes, but not quite powder. However, in a pinch you can substitute cayenne, Allepo pepper, or any other straight red chili flakes/powder. What we call chili powder is a mixture of red chili and other spices, which will change your flavor profile more to the Mexican style than Korean. I'd go with the Allepo pepper flakes myself, if I didn't have the gochugaru. I'm like Half-Pint and don't find most cayenne pepper has a lot of taste.
HalfPint August 7, 2020
No, I don't think you want to use "chili powder" because it is a mixture of chilies and other spices/herbs (like garlic). Cayenne might be better but I find it hotter than gochugaru, Korean red chili flakes/powder. And it is less fragrant (actually, I find that most cayenne has no flavor/fragrance, only heat).
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