Best Tomatoes for Caprese Salad

What are the best tomatoes for a great caprese salad?

Vincent Vedrenne


arielcooks August 16, 2020
I use campari toms, when they are very ripe. They have a rich flavor that melds with the olive oil and other ingredients.
Medora V. August 16, 2020
I find grape tomatoes the most flavorful, and they work well visually with mozzarella balls.
Irina August 16, 2020
A bull’s heart is the best for a Caprese salad.
Melissa P. August 16, 2020
Ha I was just researching Bull's Heart. the ones i'm growing dont have a pear shape which i cannot find in an image anywhere! Actually i prefer Black Tomatoes. My favorite Black Krim starred in a recent Instagram post.
Melissa P. August 16, 2020
woops! remove the word "dont"
Happygoin August 16, 2020
I wonder if what Irina calls bulls heart tomato is what I know of as an ox heart tomato.

They’re in the shape of a heart and they’re delicious. Whether they’re “best” for a Caprese salad is subjective though, I suppose. I’m guessing any good, fresh summer tomato would be terrific in a Caprese salad.
Michael D. August 11, 2020
I love all the different recipes on here. The variety is huge. Just started eating on a diet that seems to be working for the first time in my 70 years. Your site has given me even more ideas.
Marie F. August 10, 2020
I love Kumato tomatoes. They are always good, no matter what time of year, but in the summer when tomatoes are fresh off the vine, that is what I would choose.
Henna M. August 10, 2020
Many tomatoes are out there people are using for a Caprese Salad such as Roma Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, San Marzano Tomatoes, Campari Tomatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes, etc.

It complete depends on the availability of the tomato type and the taste you prefer. So my best suggestion is that look for a type of tomato available and go with it.

I'm sharing my experiences being a cook for last a few years as I'm working as a nanny cum housemaid in a family here in Dubai.

Henna M
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Wendy August 9, 2020
Very ripe heirloom varieties are the best and if you grow them at home or buy them from a farmer’s market that will make a huge difference in flavour because once tomatoes are refrigerated they never have that fresh off the vine flavour that will make your salad spectacular!
Don’t forget to serve some crusty Italian bread with your caprese to soak up those juices!
Vincent V. August 9, 2020
Thank you Wendy, love your tip on not refrigerating the tomatoes!
Happygoin August 10, 2020
Vincent, fresh tomatoes should never see the inside of a refrigerator. It makes them mushy and leeches all the flavor from them.

Ideally, when tomatoes are in season, they should be used a la the moment...when you’re ready to eat them.
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