Number of waffles in a serve of this recipe

Hi, how many waffles are in serve? I noticed the recipe says that it serves 4 but I'm curious as I'm trying to work out if I need to double the recipe or not!

Sourdough Discard Waffles
Recipe question for: Sourdough Discard Waffles


tidetaggift September 16, 2023
I cut the recipe in half and was able to make two full size Belgium waffles.
May N. February 26, 2022
I was able to get 11 so Maurizio’s estimate is spot on. This will be my go-to recipe for waffles. So good!
Maurizio L. August 14, 2020
It really depends on the size of your waffle iron! It usually makes around 10-12 for me, but if you worried, I suggest doubling the recipe. The benefit of this is you'll likely have leftovers, which freeze *very*well. Then during the week, take one out in the morning, pop it in the toaster, and it's like having a fresh waffle. Enjoy!
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