Have a TON of frozen Belgian waffles...

What to do with frozen Belgian waffles aside from the usual toppings like syrup, fruit, chocolate sauce, whipped cream? Needs to be something that can be easily served in very small portions, about 2 oz. The flavors I have to use are cinnamon, vanilla, maple and chocolate.



sexyLAMBCHOPx August 27, 2011
How about savory? Chicken and waffles with gravy or a pink peppercorn sauce.
ChefJune August 27, 2011
with tongue in cheek, but halfway seriously, I'd be glad to send you my mailing address if you have too many waffles! My FPTCF LOVES waffles, and I can never have too many around. ;)
dominique.echard August 27, 2011
Ah, Esther that is perfect. I've done this with doughnuts and all kinds of breads - didn't even think to use waffles for that. Thank you!!
Esther P. August 27, 2011
I don't know that I fully understand the question.... But! Do you mean you want to serve lots of people in one go? If so, then I'd turn the waffles into a sort of bread and butter pudding - using the waffles instead of the bread, and make up an egg custard to bake it in, with chocolate chips instead of the more traditional dried fruit, chuck a bit of cinnamon and vanilla into the custard base, I think drizzling with maple syrup might be gilding the lily, but in for a penny.... You could easily serve a large number of people with a tray of that.
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