I picked basil from my garden to make pesto. I measured what I needed put it in the fridge and didn’t make my pesto until the following day I h

In the fridge and didn’t make it because some of the leaves turned dark or black
Will it be ok to use the basil



devikamenon August 24, 2020
While the taste may vary slightly, you'll still have yourself a darker looking, yet tasty pesto if you're making it! Don't worry about it!
MMH August 21, 2020
Basil is sensitive too cold temperature. I live in the Midwest & when the night temps start to drop even before it freezes, it will often darken.
Dominique August 20, 2020
To keep it from turning black next time, basil likes to be stored in a glass of water (like cut flowers) at room temperature.
Nancy August 21, 2020
Storing the herbs like flowers also works for other leafy herbs, and keeps them fresh longer.
creamtea August 20, 2020
this happens to Basil. Use what you can of the green, the black or dark parts will taste bruised.
supian22 August 21, 2020
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creamtea August 22, 2020
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creamtea August 22, 2020
Excuse me?
creamtea August 23, 2020
Seriously? A user since the founding, I've answered 100's if not thousands of questions, have prizewinning recipes on the site, have met the founders, you're monitoring my comments because I mention that basil (which, by the way, is an herb) can change its TONE and FLAVOR when stored in the refrigerator, you're accusing me of something? Who are you?
Nancy August 23, 2020
I also found that questioning comment offensive and flagged it several days ago. No response, no action from editors to date.
creamtea August 23, 2020
thanks, Nancy, I really appreciate the support. I really didn't appreciate being trolled here, of all places.
creamtea August 23, 2020
supian 22, YOUR comment has been reported to the editors privately. I will not be trolled by you.
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