Chicken Wild Rice Soup Question

I'm making Chicken Wild Rice Soup, which calls for cooked chicken. Is there any reason I can't just cut up raw boneless chicken breasts & throw them in with the rice?

Blissful Baker


Blissful B. April 22, 2011
Thank you both!
CookOnTheFly April 22, 2011
boulangere is right, cook the chicken separately first to get better flavor. If you don't want to saute it (and use only one pan) you could poach the chicken in some broth first - add some peppercorns, a bay leaf and whole allspice for extra flavor - drain from the pot and then let the chicken cool while you cook the rice. Alternatively, when I make this soup I buy a pre-made rotisserie chicken - the flavor is already there.
boulangere April 21, 2011
You'll honestly get better flavor if you sauté it first separately to caramelize some of the carbs on the surface. An extra step and pan, yes, but ultimately much better and deeper layers of flavor. Definitely worth the effort.
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