Substitution for starchy pasta water?

My sad keto self would love to try this dish with zucchini noodles instead of pasta, but am wondering how I might substitute the all-important starchy pasta water for the sauce... Any ideas??

Sara Soskolne


Nancy August 27, 2020
Keto can have fat, yes?
If the other two suggestions don't work, try some shaved white or dark chocolate to melt with the walnuts.
Taste combination is good, too.
Sara S. August 27, 2020
Yes keto is all about fat... chocolate sounds like a very daring addition, thanks for the suggestion. Have you tried it??
Nancy August 27, 2020
No, haven't tried it.
Just thought about something that lacked starch (which combines with the nuts to make sauce in the original) and might work.
Lori T. August 26, 2020
Xanthan gum or perhaps arrowroot starch would probably be your best bets- though I've never tried using them in what would be such small amounts as used to replace pasta water. I would probably opt for arrowroot starch, which I imagine could work easiest. A tiny pinch of that in the small amount of water recommended might just do the trick. Let us all know if you do this, and how it worked, please. I don't do keto, but know loads of folks who do.
Sara S. August 27, 2020
Thanks, I may give that a try!
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