Plum stuffed potato dumplings

Can the dumpling be frozen? If so, would you do it before or after boiling?

Barbara Young Dobrinen
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Oma's Zwetschgenknödel
Recipe question for: Oma's Zwetschgenknödel

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Lori T. August 30, 2020
Yes, you can opt to make a bunch and freeze them to use later. Whether you do that in the uncooked state, or after cooking is up to you- but I prefer to freeze mine uncooked. My method is to brush them with a bit of melted butter, and freeze solid on sheets. Once they are frozen, I pack them into a vacuum sealing bag, seal and put back until I want them. You cook them just as you would frozen ravioli, dropped into the boiling water still frozen. They will take a bit longer to cook, obviously, but it works fine. I don't like freezing them cooked, because I think the dough gets gooey in the thawing. Also be aware that zwetchgen are small Italian type plums- not the big juicy American sort. The big ones don't work quite as well, although you can use just a half of one. You can buy them canned, if you can't find fresh. Just drain them well and use in the same manner- after you remove the pits of course.
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