How do I know when shrimp and Gnocchi Dumplings are done?

I want to add prepackaged Gnocchi and some shrimp to a stuffed chicken marsala dish and I am wondering when should I add the Dumplings and shrimp to the marsala sauce. I want them to absorb some of the flavor. but I don't want to overcook. Z

  • Posted by: Amy
  • October 6, 2016
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1 Comment

Trena H. October 7, 2016
The shrimp will cook very quickly. So I'd take them off the heat when they've turned pink. The prepackaged gnocchi should have directions on the package as to how long it takes to cook. If not, perhaps you can take the individual gnocchi out of the sauce and try a bite after cooking for 10 minutes. If its still not cooked I'd keep checking every 5 minutes or so. Gnocchi tends to cook rather quickly.
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