HELP?! My Great Aunts Pickle recipe is my favourite but I question the method.

I've been canning for years, but finally asked my GrA for her pickle recipe and was so surprised that it is a completely no-cook method. Just take sterile jars, fill with salt, vinegar, garlic, dill, cucs and water. Shake. Turn upside down over night and then off to cold storage. She is 82 years old and is famous for them, nobody dead yet! LOL IS this POSSIBLE!!!!!?????? Anyone heard of this method??? Making so many jars and just want to be sure. I KNOW we are supposed to water bath, start with hot brine. This just seems to counter intuitive.....BUT YET, it works! Help?



Lori T. September 3, 2020
Yes, I completely understand. My grandmother also had some canning habits that I've had to consign to historical record as well. She canned everything either by open kettle or water bath, from fish to veggies. He pickles were made in large ceramic crocks, covered with a cheesecloth and wooden lid.
And while nobody was ever killed, that was more a matter of good fortune than safe practice to continue. Your old reliable recipe will produce a nice crispy pickle, because no heat is ever involved. But is it safe? No. It relies on pH to keep the bad gerbies out, and that can change over time to allow Botulism to take hold. However, you can still make your pickles according to the recipe if you are willing to adapt a bit. You will need to use a water bath method, but you can add in a product made by Kerr and others- usually called Pickle Crisp. It's calcium chloride, and you don't need much per jar. It will help keep your pickles crispy, just as the name says. It will also let you use the old recipe, which means you get the best of both worlds- the taste, and the safety.
Smalltowngirl September 3, 2020
Thanks so very much Lori! I opted to go for it, but I did decide to just stay the course of the recipe with the added water bath. Cool to find out about the crisper. Next year! No near-death experiences for me. :) Really appreciate the feedback.
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