I'm hosting Thanksgiving in Europe. I have a very small oven and a small refrigerator. What can be cooked ahead and doesn't need refrigeration?

My oven has only one shelf. I am planning on spatchcocking the turkey, making the potatoes on the stove and having only to reheat the stuffing and sweet potatoes in the oven. What else is good to make in such a small space? Can I store my apple pie on the counter for one night?

  • Posted by: Aileen
  • November 24, 2015


Shuna L. November 24, 2015
It sounds like people have your question covered, but here are a few more ideas:
spiced nuts, roasted veggies, poached fruit (pears, quince), latkes, gingerbread cake or flourless torte, all pies - even pumpkin (even though it's a custard pie, it's far less eggs to solid ration than a crème caramel, etc.), Spanish Tortilla. I agree that a lot depends on the temperature of your kitchen.

I don't believe in refrigerating pies once they've been baked, btw, so I'm glad you won't be tempted to put your pie in the fridge.
Aileen November 25, 2015
Thank you! The Spanish tortilla is a good idea and would be very popular with my friends from Spain.
Mark November 24, 2015
Roast potatoes can be pre cooked almost there, then frozen. This method works well as the insides don't overcook, similar to triple cook method. Easy to store in freezer then revive when ready.
missb503 November 24, 2015
Would you think this could also work for roast sweet potatoes and carrots? How long would you cook them on the day?
Aileen November 25, 2015
This would be good, except I'm a little short on fridge and oven space, and I'm worried that it would take a long time to heat them up. How long does it take to revive them?
aargersi November 24, 2015
YES on storing the pie on the counter. Where in Europe? If it's chilly in your kitchen I feel like cranberry sauce would be OK too - or if you have a deep sill you could put it in a jar outside. Wait, can you even get cranberries? You could make a salad of Brussles sprouts and just fridge it, that seems like a pretty complete menu.
Aileen November 25, 2015
I am in Germany. I haven't found cranberries yet, but a friend says she saw them at a local supermarket, so I'm headed there next. The sill would be a good idea, except that I am on the third floor and I'm worried it would fall on my neighbors' heads! Thanks for the brussels sprouts idea - I am going to do a red rice salad because my husband is not a big brussels sprouts guy.
Kenzi W. November 24, 2015
Here's a good place to start! https://food52.com/blog/search?q=make+ahead+thanksgiving And yes, your pie will be totally fine on the counter for a night, since it's not a custard pie.
Aileen November 25, 2015
Thanks! What about a pumpkin pie?
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