Cooking bone in chicken quarters with NO oven.

hi all recently my oven broke and as I am waiting for a new one I am wondering how I can cook bone in chicken legs and thighs connected in a pan over the stove. Is it possible? Any tips? I want it to have crisp skin and to be juicy without frying it. I was thinking to sear it on REALLY high heat, covering For 7 minutes and then flipping and basting with the residual fat Until it’s fully Cooke



MMH March 4, 2020
The only other thing i would suggest no matter what you do is use a meat thermometer to 160.
creamtea March 4, 2020
I agree with Nancy and Gammy. Even if you were to sear it on high, once you cover it it will steam and the skin will become soft. Unless you have a air-fryer or an Instant Pot with a crisping lid, I think you are best off working with what you have and making a chicken stew: Moroccan chicken with lemon and olives, Arroz con Pollo or coq au vin, would be just delicious using legs and thighs.
Gammy March 4, 2020
If I were in your shoes, I would forego the crispy skin chicken and either do a braised chicken dish as Nancy suggests or make a wonderful chicken soup with those leg quarters.
Nancy March 4, 2020
If I were faced with this dilemma, I would make a braised chicken dish in a covered skillet (coq au vin, turmeric chicken, cacciatore or the like).
I'm afraid the method you describe might leave the insides uncooked or the outsides not crispy. Or the stove-top area very splattered.
Have you a toaster oven in which you could bake/roast the chicken?
Or outdoor grill?
Both would be better for getting crisp outside skin.
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