About sterilizing glass jars as mentioned in your article

You write, “ There are various ways to sterilize a glass jar. One is a water bath, where the jars go into water, with their lids added separately, the water is brought to a boil, and then the jars are “cooked” for 10 minutes. Another is filling the jars with just-boiled water and then rinsing and drying with a clean dish towel.”
How could a quick rinse with just-boiled water give the same deep clean as 10 minutes in boiling water? Obviously it can’t so the question is, are there times when it is okay to use “ Sterilizing Lite” and other times you really must use the deep clean?

Allison Williams
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1 Comment

Nancy September 24, 2020
Allison -
Have a look at this article (and/or more info in links it carries) for how to properly sterilize jars for canning.
If your canning process lasts longer than 10 minutes or takes place in a pressure canner, you don't need to do the 10-minute boil of empty jars.
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