Could I use Canned tomatoes In shakshuka?

Whaddya think? Would they work? Drained or no?



Lori T. October 22, 2020
I live in the north, and it if weren't for canned tomatoes- we'd only get to eat Shakshuka in the summer months. You can definitely use canned whole tomatoes, and they actually are easier if you don't like tomato peel. Canned tomatoes are a better option in the winter than the "ripe" versions found in grocery stores anyway.
Nancy October 22, 2020
Or passata (puree). Homemade or commercial.
Kristen M. October 21, 2020
Definitely! If fresh, ripe ones aren't available, that's the best alternative. And I'd say it depends on how saucy you want things—maybe start with only some of the juice and hold onto the rest to add in if it's looking dry.
Lazyretirementgirl October 21, 2020
Thanks so much!
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