Best way to reheat chicken and dumplings?

What is the best way to reheat chicken and dumplings? I have a large dinner party tomorrow night and ordered chicken and dumplings in advance. They are fully cooked and now in the refrigerator. How can I reheat them to ensure they still taste great?

Alyson Argabrite


Nancy September 26, 2020
No instructions from the caterer/store which provided the dish?
If yes, they should know best.
If no, I would take the dumplings off the top and eat aside..
Heat the stew part (chicken, veg, gravy) covered, so as to warm through but not burn the bottom of the pot. Mw, stovetop, oven, instant pot or whatever.
Check at intervals, stir to promote thorough warming and no burning.
Don't add broth from the start, but only if/as it seems to be needed, for desired thickness of stew.
When nicely hot and boiling, put dumplings on top, cover, warm a few minutes until heated through and serve.
Enjoy your party!

Nancy September 26, 2020
"And set aside"
Alyson A. September 25, 2020
To add to my question, I was thinking about reheating over stop top and adding more chicken broth to ensure it has enough liquid. I am thinking the dumpling may soak up most of the broth it was prepared with. Someone please help! I don't want to ruin the dish. Thanks in advance!
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