Need tips for cheese plate/charcuterie that is COVID-19/ safe

Having outdoor Happy Hours. How can we serve some snacks and make sure guests don’t touch other’s food.

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Smalltowngirl October 16, 2020
I've made Charcuterie Skewers that the guest can simply disassemble onto their plate for easy eating. I just curled some salami, sliced chorizo, cut cheese into cubes, dispersed on down with the additions of olives, cornichons, grape tomatoes, basil leaves, roasted garlic cloves, and so on, and served mini baguettes that were all wrapped up in kraft paper and twine. Looked cute. :) My skewers were a good size so the portion was nice. Use a firmer brie like Brie De Meaux and you should have no issue if you want to add a creamy fella.
Wendy October 2, 2020
The only safe way to this is to make individual plates for guests.
I used dessert sized plates with tiny paper muffin cups for olives and nuts, made them ahead of time, covered them with plastic wrap and placed them in the fridge until serving. (They stacked well.) I wrapped individual cutlery packets too.
Everyone really appreciated the extra care. I also served dessert this way.
Nancy October 2, 2020
Wendy -
Agree with you.
Wonder if a safe variation might be a buffet of wrapped portions of cheese, fruit, meat slices, bread or people could choose their as cheese plate components things they like and would actually eat.
Maximize safety and satisfaction, minimize food waste?
MMH October 1, 2020
We just did this for a small cocktail party. One thing we served was individual shrimp cocktail. We also plateD several other other individual hors d’oeuvres . Our party was for a total of 9 people.
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