Vegetarian version of the scrambled egg muffins.

I am not asking if maple syrup is vegetarian, I am wondering if I made this with veggies/cheese/eggs if maple syrup would be a strange addition to those flavors. I can understand how it goes with ham, but wondering if it would clash with a more savory veggie mixture. Thanks so much.

  • Posted by: cindy
  • October 5, 2020
Scrambled Egg Muffins
Recipe question for: Scrambled Egg Muffins


Nancy October 5, 2020
Two bits of info:
1) Maple syrup goes very well with corn kernels and corn meal (but try it yourself with and without to serve if you prefer sweet tasts).
2) Maple syrup, at least here in Canada, is often finished by straining it through lard (similar to how boiling jam is finished with some fat). The fat is discarded and thus not considered an ingredient nor on the label. Several of us who were vegetarian and/or kosher brought it to attention of consumers and retailers years ago. There are now many brands produced by kosher organizations that dont use pork fat. I think the situation is similar in maple producing areas of usa.
cindy October 5, 2020
Thank you Nancy. I had no idea about lard and maple syrup and will now look for a kosher approved label. I think I will try it with the maple syrup. Just hope it doesn't clash with eggs.
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