I'm preparing pancake soufflé muffins with strawberry maple syrup and I need to know something savory and easy to pair with it. Please help .

Patricia Hinestrosa


Stephanie April 29, 2014
might be too heavy on carbs but could be a nice combo together -- I love my oatmeal savory - I let it sit overnight with lemon juice on the counter, and then warm it up on the stovetop with some turmeric, salt&pepper or ground herbs de provence, salt&pepper.. both with a touch of honey or agave, but not too sweet at all..
ChefJune April 29, 2014
Scrambled eggs came immediately to mind. Bacon or sausage, as well.
HalfPint April 29, 2014
I would add some bacon or homemade breakfast sausage and that's one fine breakfast for Mom.
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