No eggs hat makes it raise and be fluffy?

This is just like my mothers except she always added eggs to hers. I wondered if anyone else adds eggs and why not.

Rebecca Hinton
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Traditional Sage Stuffing
Recipe question for: Traditional Sage Stuffing

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Lori T. October 24, 2020
Oh boy, that can be a loaded question best left alone. Eggs are often added to stuffing to bring moisture and help bind it so you have a less crumbly result. Some folks add them, others think it's a crime against stuffing to do so. They don't really add much to the taste, unless you add too many- in which case you have a savory bread pudding, rather than stuffing. If your cubes and goodies are a bit large though, without adding egg, you can end up with a tumbling mess on the plate. Most people either add or not depending on what their mother or grandmother did, or how her recipe was written. For peace at the holiday table, I suggest following the hallowed recipe to the letter. For other meals, add or omit as it suits you or your egg availability.
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