Can I make a Cauliflower Gratin recipe 2 - 3 days before serving it?

  • Posted by: jrice
  • November 7, 2020


Emmie November 7, 2020
I've seen potato gratin recipes that say you can make it and refrigerate a day ahead up until the broiling step, then bring it to room temperature before broiling, but I wouldn't make it 2-3 days ahead, especially with cauliflower. I think the sauce might split and the whole thing would sog out.
Nancy November 7, 2020
Yes. Store covered in the fridge, then reheat.
Nancy November 7, 2020
To Emmie's worry about the sauce splitting.
Your choice.
But if you make the cheese sauce, merely pour it over the cauliflower, refrigerate, then warm altogether just before serving, should be fine
(Usually, a small amount of flour or cornstarch in the sauce will help it hold together.)
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