Question about recipe: creamy cauliflower and potato soup

Can I make this two days ahead and reheat it before serving?

  • Posted by: Di
  • December 22, 2017


Di December 23, 2017
Thanks so much!
Di December 23, 2017
Thanks so much!
702551 December 22, 2017
Looks like it would be fine, although I'd hold out the cheese, half-and-half, and crème fraîche.

Reheat, then add those three ingredients.

Often soups with dairy don't reheat so well (curdling, breaking, etc.). They would be edible, but not the same consistency.

In this recipe, the three dairy products are added without further cooking, so even more important since they are providing fresh dairy flavor.

Best of luck.
702551 December 22, 2017
Oh, that assumes you are talking about this recipe:

If you are talking about another recipe, please post the link.
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