How do you brine a frozen bird?

I’ve made this in the past with a fresh turkey and it’s been great. But this year I was going to buy a small frozen turkey. The recipe says you can brine a frozen turkey, but how does that work? Because you need to rinse and dry the turkey as well as toss out the bag of bits inside. Wouldn’t the turkey get damp as it defrosts? Does it still need to brine for 3 days? Or does the time frame need adjusted?

Courtney Parks Zannella


Lori T. November 14, 2020
Although the wording is a bit confusing, I don't think they intend you to dry brine a bird in the frozen state. I think they simply wanted folks to know they did not have to specifically purchase a fresh, never frozen turkey. So you'd have to thaw a previously frozen bird first, and then proceed with the dry brining process.
Ann R. November 26, 2021
I dry brined a frozen turkey -- treated it just like a fresh one. It took an extra day in the fridge but it was a great turkey.
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