Egg question -is it good or bad?

My mother says there is a way to tell if an egg is good by putting it in a glass of water. What is she supposed to see if the egg is ok?

  • Posted by: Bandaid
  • November 22, 2020


Erin S. November 22, 2020
Hi there!

I've heard this suggestion before. If she drops the egg in a glass of cold water, a very fresh egg will sink or turn on it side, if it tilts at an angle or floats in the middle of the glass it's still ok to eat, and an egg that fully floats to the top it's quite old and should be discarded.

Happy testing,
Shannon M. November 22, 2020
Hi! If the eggs sink to the bottom and lay flat on their side, they're still fresh. If any eggs float to the top, they shouldn't be eaten. Good luck! - Shannon
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