Help! I made a plain New York style cheesecake. I forgot to drop the temperature down from 4:25 to 2:25 after 10 minutes. It's still jiggly in the now

It's still jiggly in the center. But brown on top did I overcook it?

  • Posted by: Val0224
  • November 23, 2020
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Nancy November 23, 2020
From looking at the photo, the cake looks slightly overdone, but certainly edible.
If you're serving it at home, cut a sliver (or a regular wedge) for the cook, taste test it and see if it's notably dry. If yes, serve with a very moist topping (like a fruit compote) to restore some of the moisture.
If you're giving away or serving at an occasion where you want to show the whole cake, I'd have more than one garnish on hand and choose accordingly after you cut.
Possible toppings - berry, caramel or coffee sauces, fresh fruit, liqueur. Each of them will add some moisture and flavor to balance out a slightly dryer than normal cake.
If it were a traditional cake, I might suggest whipped cream or ice cream. But since this cake has so much fat (cheese, eggs) that would be too rich.
Val0224 November 23, 2020
I'm giving it to a friend for his Thanksgiving dinner. Should I make another one?
Nancy November 23, 2020
I tend to keep less-than-perfect results for home use and give the best quality I can manage as a gift.
Your choice, also depending on your time, supplies other commitments.
If you decide to give this one away, garnish it beautifully and/or give with it a jar of great sauce.
Happy almost Thanksgiving!
Val0224 November 23, 2020
Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be making another one lol
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