Do I need to freeze my Turkey?

So yesterday I bought a fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving that was not already frozen and I put it in my refrigerator. Will my Turkey be safe to eat if I leave it in my refrigerator until Thursday or should I put it in the freezer? Thanks



creamtea November 23, 2020
If you freeze it now, you may have difficulty defrosting it in time. I usually dry-brine my turkey on the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving as per the Russ Parsons "Judy Bird" 3-day method recommended by Food52 :
Angelina M. November 23, 2020
Best practices for storing fresh turkey in the refrigerator is 1-2 days, otherwise you run the risk of it spoiling. So in this case, I'd recommend you freeze your turkey, and depending on the weight remove and defrost in your refrigerator ahead of Thursday. Never thaw your turkey by leaving it out on the counter.

Here is a guide for defrosting your bird:
Ambersmith November 23, 2020
Thank you so much!
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