Using a baking stone - to parchment or not to parchment?

One last question... I have a pizza stone I'd like to use to bake this, do I transfer the dough and the parchment paper to the stone or lift the dought off the last rise parchment and put it directly onto the stone?

Recipe question for: Ciabatta


Lori T. November 23, 2020
Transfer the dough onto the baking stone still on the parchment. You don't need to worry about it burning, although it will be brown and crispy, and easier to tear. When the bread is done, it's easy to slip a sheet pan under the loaf to remove it and you don't have to worry about using cornmeal or flour on the stone. If you try to pick up the dough to transfer it, you will cause it to collapse- and the final loaf will be dense and unpalatable.
Shannon M. November 23, 2020
Hi! I'd bake it directly on the stone. Add little flour on the stone to help with removal. - Shannon
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