Can I use a Kosher chicken in this recipe

Can I dry brine a kosher chicken? Perhaps by reducing the amount of salt in the dry brine?

  • Posted by: Phf523
  • November 25, 2020
Lemoniest Roast Chicken
Recipe question for: Lemoniest Roast Chicken


Kristen W. November 25, 2020
I wouldn't dry brine a kosher chicken at all, unfortunately, because it is already fully seasoned and adding salt will make it too salty. I don't know if the salt in a dry brine helps the lemon zest penetrate the meat, but you can still coat a kosher chicken with zest and add all of the other lemony elements for a very tasty chicken.
Nancy November 25, 2020
Agree with Kristen...I wouldn't add a brine to a kosher chicken, as it would tip the flavor balance to over salted.
But this recipe, per the headnote, has four applications of lemon, so even if you omit the one in the brine, you'll still get lots of taste.
Last, here's an old thread here on food52 about this very issue.
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