How to cook a boneless skinless turkey breast?!

I ordered a boneless turkey breast and didn't think about the fact that it's skinless. How should I cook it? And before you say anything involving bacon or butter... I sadly can't eat those :)



Amanda G. November 25, 2020
Hi there! You can definitely leave both bacon and butter out, as olive oil is also a great fat to roast with. I would check out the recipe / method found here: It should work well, even though your breast is skinless. I would just keep a closer eye on it while roasting, and check with a meat thermometer often, so it doesn't dry out (since your breast is skinless, you don't have that fatty layer of protection against dryness). One other thing to note with this recipe - make sure to reduce the amount of salt in the brine, since you're only using one breast. Hope this helps!
cathyeats November 25, 2020
Thanks, Amanda. My husband just suggested cooking it “en papillote” which Is an interesting idea.
Amanda G. November 25, 2020
That is a good idea! The other method people seem to like is sous vide, but I can't say I've tried it myself, since I don't have a sous vide machine.
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