I would love to make flatbread like what gyros or souvlaki sandwiches are wrapped in.

I want to make soft, slightly thick wrappers for something like Greek-style fajitas. I have tried oiling and griddling pita from the store (too dry, too stiff) and using store-bought nan, but can't get that great chewy, flexible texture I get at Greek restaurants. Is there any way to do this at home?



Sam1148 April 11, 2011
BTW: I forgot to mention, or stress the most important step for lavash bread. Docking the dough after you roll it out as thin as possible. I use two sheets of wax paper and roll the dough out roughly. Square it up and put on a top sheet and roll again. Dock with fork (the holes keep bubbles from forming when cooking..and use the paper to invert on a inverted sheet pan and dock it some more.

Still I almost always make it too stiff to wrap properly. It's great fun tho...at worse, you've just some very good homemade crackers to use for dips. (Greek Nachos are my back up plan when I do this). Good luck! It's fun to try.
Sam1148 April 11, 2011
A lot of places use "Lavash Bread".or "cracker bread" it's similar to pita bread, but no pocket. It's very flat and wraps easy...like a burritto wrap as you said. http://mideastfood.about.com/od/breadsrice/r/lavashrecipe.htm

I find it tricky to make..and skip the sesame seeds in the recipe linked. It's never quite as plyable as the purchased product.
Fortunately there's a good specialy market that sells it here.
Try asking the resturant if they use a local supplier or make their own.

drbabs April 11, 2011
Try this recipe. it's really easy! (but mine didn't come out perfectly round like lapadia'a)
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