In making a Table Loaf of sourdough bread, what is meant by "refreshed starter"?

Re; Sourdough bread recipe. In the Table Loaf recipe by Sarah Owens, step 1 calls for "refreshed starter" to be used to build a leaven. Is this to mean a newly refreshed starter before it rises and builds, or after the starter has risen and built up to its fullest? Thanks so much for your help!

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  • December 5, 2020
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1 Comment

AntoniaJames July 22, 2021
"Refreshed starter" means starter that has been fed at least 2 or 3 times over the day or two before using it. This will give the starter - and therefore the sourdough loaf -- a nice flavor.

The recipe for Sarah Owen's Table Loaf sourdough says to use a 100% hydration starter. That means you should add equal parts of water and flour by weight to the starter to refresh it.

If starting this recipe in the evening, I'd start feeding on the morning of the day before (adding 30 grams each of water and flour to the starter and covering it tightly, and letting it sit at room temperature), then discarding all but a few tablespoons that evening and feeding with the same amount again, repeating the next morning.

Then, follow the recipe as drafted. Let the leaven ferment for 8 - 12 hours. You can go a bit more than that, if necessary. ;o)
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