about the sheet pan crispy pizza

I don't know how much of any of the ingredients to measure when you use grams. Would you kindly also jot down the measurement of ingredients in cups and Tablespoons & teaspoons please. Thank you so much Sandy Ford

Sandy Ford
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Crispy Sheet Pan Pizza
Recipe question for: Crispy Sheet Pan Pizza

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AntoniaJames July 22, 2021
To convert the mass measures (grams) in this crispy sheet pan pizza recipe to volume measures:

4 cups flour
1.5 cups water
a scant teaspoon of salt (the exact measure is .83 teaspoon, but don't worry about adding a bit more - you won't notice it in a recipe like this)
2 teaspoons of yeast, with a touch more (the exact measure is 2.1 teaspoons)

I hope this helps! ;o)
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