What's the best way to cook a one inch pork chop? Are u supposed to sear and then put in oven or just sear in pan???



Adianne November 20, 2013
I like to seat in in a fry pan first, then add a little water or broth and braise it in the pan with a
tight lid.

ChefJune November 19, 2013
oops, not 10 minutes for one inchers... they'll only take about 6 or until the rest of your food is ready. When I take them out I deglaze the pan with a little white wine or cider to make a little sauce/"jus."
ChefJune November 19, 2013
never heard of baking before searing. A one-inch chop is not very thick, and won't take that long to cook. I heat the oven to 350, Sear the chops on both sides on top the stove and slide the pan into the oven for about 10 minutes. Two-inch chops are a different story...
bigpan November 19, 2013
One inch is pretty thin (to me). I also assume it is bone-on. Unless you are a slave to a good thermometer I would not bother with the oven method and simply pan fry until crispy on one side, then flip. Depending on the heat and the pan (I use gas and copper) I would suspect 2 minutes per side should do it. Check by pushing your finger on the meat to see how much it "gives"...or your thermometer.
If you like the pork well done, toss it in the oven for a while to finish until it does not "give" when you push on the meat.
Dave O. November 18, 2013
I do then at 225 for roughly 45 minutes. If you can't wait, 300 for about 30 min. Paint a little sauce on before you sear, and it will carmalize nicely. Be sure to cut the thin silver skin from the edges before cooking or they will curl up like bowls.
Dave O. November 18, 2013
Your shooting for about 150 for internal temp.
testtest555 November 18, 2013
Cool thanks again! It's in the oven!
Dave O. November 18, 2013
Oven and then sear. Remember it's not a steak and needs to come up in internal temp. Searing straight off will just cook the outside. I usually brine the chips first, then heat them until they are 10 deg below target temp. Then sauce/oil and sear for about 1 or 2 min per side.
Dave O. November 18, 2013
Sorry, chops not chips.
testtest555 November 18, 2013
Thanks! Roughly how long should that be in the oven before taking it out to sear?
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