Bad gateway

Tonight, and previously, but frequently tonight, when I try to click on a foodpickle question, I either get a blank screen or one that says 502 bad gateway.



boulangere April 11, 2011
looks like it
susan G. April 11, 2011
I got one too... is that why a foodpickle answer was stuck for a long time?
Sarah K., you remind us to look deeper. Good thinking!
boulangere April 11, 2011
sarah k. you are such a hoot!
boulangere April 11, 2011
Thanks kristen miglore. That's sort what I had figured. Not a problem!
sarah K. April 11, 2011
Oh, I thought you were going to expound on some bad "gateway drug" type of thing, like me and oatmeal raisin cookies. They are the gateway to a serious carb binge that leaves me cranky, sleepy, and hurting, and even though I know it will happen, I still think I can eat just one. But that's not what you meant, is it?
Kristen M. April 11, 2011
Don't fret -- we're making a lot of updates to the site tonight, so this will happen periodically as we reset the servers. Try refreshing when it happens and the page will often be there. Thanks for bearing with us!
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