What to do with bad pluots or plums?

I purchased quite a few pluots at the store this weekend and just tried one- it has no flavor at all! I just threw out one but I fear the rest are going to be just as bad. Any suggestions on what to do with them instead of eating them fresh?



maimai50 August 22, 2014
make sorbet
London_Eats August 22, 2014
Try making jam - even if the fruit doesn't taste great, adding the sugar and lemon juice will being out the flavour. You can also add a little flavour booster - a stick of cinnamon or even a tot of brandy
Susan W. August 21, 2014
I would take them back if that is convenient. Cooking with bad fruit is like cooking with bad wine.
Exbruxelles August 21, 2014
Grill them.
Monita August 21, 2014
Roast them with chicken - adding some honey and rosemary
Make a fruit compote - adding other fruits and spices
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