Is there much difference in taste if you pickle with salt instead of vinegar?

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Panfusine April 12, 2011
preserving with vinegar tends to confer the pickles a much more pungent acrid taste. whereas veggies pickled in brine tend to produce lactic acid as a result of fermentation & this acid in turn acts as the preservative. Personally, i find it to be a much more milder flavor that blends with the taste of the pickle rather than the sharp contrast of vinegar.
Sam1148 April 12, 2011
Depend on what you're pickling. Somethings need the acid of vinegar. But try it without or use lemon juice for the acid bit.

Salt and cabbage work well without vinegar. Add some caraway seeds, and red pepper flakes in the brine.
Cucumbers work well too. Soak them in the brine..with addition of a touch of sugar. Use in salad. IMHO. I think those need some acid tho, lemon or lime juice if you don't want vinegar.

Carrots in salt brine work. But I prefer carrots more raw/pure. However those are good in shredded on salads. .
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