Two questions: 1, Can i use chocolate Frosting as a substitute of cocoa powder in Brownies?

Question 2, Can I use Chocolate Pudding, with Melted Chocolate Ice-cream, with Grounded Chocolate cereal, as a substitute for cocoa powder in Brownies?

This is similar to a question I asked recently, from before, I was informed that the ground chocolate cereal would not be enough. But I found more ingredients, If i mix the 3 of them together, can I make nice brownies?

  • Posted by: Rabrinsu
  • December 20, 2020


Nancy December 20, 2020
All of these ingredients are long shots, but you seem enthusiastic, interested & determined.
Keep in mind that baking is not simply arithmetic - adding and subtracting similar ingredients as if they were equal.
To use another math metaphor, it's more like multiplication and division, with some ingredients increasing and/or decreasing the power of the others.
For what it's worth, here's my advice:
● don't use all 3 chocolate flavored items
● probably the chocolate pudding is your best bet
● the pudding probably has eggs, sugar and fat in it. If yes, reduce amounts of those ingredients by how much of them was in the pudding
● add a tablespoon of coffee or cespr6esdo powder to the mixture - it helps the chocolate tasre
● bake and see how it goes
● maybe use the chocolate ice cream for garnish.
Rabrinsu December 20, 2020
Thank you! That seems like good advice. Even though i am 96% sure all of my coffee stuff has gone bad, i'll try it.
Nancy December 20, 2020
Don't force adding food that's gone bad.
The coffee or espresso powder is an optional taste booster.
Good luck and let us know how it comes out.
Rabrinsu December 23, 2020
The Brownies turned out okay, It's a bit blandish.
Nancy December 24, 2020
Rabrinsu - sorry to hear that.
In practice, same worry we had with the idea of ground up chocolate cereal - not enough chocolate taste.
I had that problem once with a cake (not brownies) when I used cocoa powder (maybe not enough) to replace solid chocolate with its oils and complex flavors.
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