Baking mat smoking in oven—now oven reeks of plastic. Super bummed.

Bought the 52 silicone baking mat for Christmas. It is smoking in the oven at 450° Doesn’t seem that it is heat tolerant. Please advise.

Linda Illingworth


Emily K. December 28, 2020
Hi Linda! I'm so sorry to hear that—thanks for reaching out about this. (And thanks Lori for sharing these tips!) This definitely doesn't sound right so we'll send you a note directly to get to the bottom of it and set you up with a replacement or refund. Just look out for an email from [email protected]!
Lori T. December 27, 2020
Heat resistant isn't the same thing as heat proof, unfortunately. Silicone baking mats vary in tolerance, but as a rule once you get above 400F you are treading on risky territory. Silicone mats usually come with a label telling you about the upper limits of that particular sheet, but I'd still be cautious at the upper limits. There are professional grade silicone mats made that claim to be tolerant up to 500F, but they are very expensive and also usually a combination of silicone and fiberglass construction. As far as the odor left lingering in your oven, I'm sorry to hear about that. Sometimes you can use a wipe down with vinegar or baking soda. I've used a water mix of vanilla and spices as well, baking and evaporating from a dish in a 350F oven for a while. And perhaps the folks here at Food52 will contact you with better suggestions as well. Or you can try to reach out to them as well.
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