Vegetarian substitute for pancetta?

Is there a substitute non meat ingredient that can replace the pancetta? For vegetarian guests

Susan Ward Friestedt
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JFernandes December 28, 2020
You can use mushrooms or olives as a substitutes for pancetta. But if you compare the taste between pancetta and its substitutes, there will be the difference.
DueSpaghetti December 27, 2020
Hmm. I think it would be pretty hard to re-create the flavor of pancetta. If you wanted the texture of small pieces of meat, you could try one of the vegan bacon products, but I'd worry that it might throw off the flavor. I'd probably just omit it!
Nancy December 27, 2020
Generally, I agree with DueSpaghetti.
But if you really want a replacement - either for protein or texture - try eggplant, mushroom or tempeh in a smokey marinade.
Stretching it, thinly fried scrambled eggs, also in a smokey sauce, if they are lacto-ovo vegetarians.
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