Do you rinse garbanzos after cooking in Ottolengi's hummus reciepe?

The technique of using baking soda to soften the shells and blending technique is amazing. Hummus was of great consistancy. But, I am wondering if people rinse after the garbanzos have been boiled.



Lori T. January 1, 2021
Mine are never in a condition where I'd want to risk rinsing them, even if I had a mind to. I don't think it's necessary either. Plus I suspect it would wash away some of the starch that helps make it all so silky good. So I would not recommend doing it.
Taylor January 1, 2021
No. Just drain them. They should be falling apart when they’re finished cooking with the baking soda so I just drain them and continue w the recipe. It’s delicious. Enjoy!
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